The power of Cavrnus and Unreal Engine.

The Cavrnus Spaces spatial collaboration software platform is the industry’s most intuitive and comprehensive for enterprise XR immersion and collaboration for training, engineering, operations, planning, and selling across a wide variety of markets. Now with the Epic MegaGrant propelling the development of an Unreal Engine application on our platform, Cavrnus RT will raise the bar significantly in terms of the amount of data in a scene, rendering quality, and delivering true representations at any scale.

For unconstrained rendering and visual quality, Unreal Engine offers a set of unique and differentiated features and capabilities such as extensible programmability as well as real-time ray tracing global illumination and ambient occlusion. The Cavrnus team, having built a world-class production visualization engine (Bunkspeed, now Solidworks Visualize), is in a unique position to maximize the capabilities of UE.

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