Introducing Cavrnus enterprise spatial collaboration software platform. The most user-friendly and comprehensive enterprise XR collaboration and simulation platform for training, engineering, operations, planning, and selling.


Cavrnus Features

The easiest spatial simulation and collaboration platform for enterprise

  • Secure end to end encryption
  • Access in the Cloud or deploy On Premises
  • On-the-fly Content Sharing
  • Import CAD and interact with 3D Models
  • Write on Virtual Whiteboards
  • Share Slideshows, Videos and Documents
  • Record and Playback Features
  • Voice and Video Streaming
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Full Cross Device Support
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Designed as an open platform to allow for users to adopt the space around then. Cavrnus is the most immersive, engaging and productive solution for collaboration.


Reach into a 3D model of your prototype, grab a component and hand it to your design partner while you discuss improvements. Collaborate with the intuitiveness of real world manipulations in ways previously impossible or cost-prohibitive.


Whether your colleagues are down the hall or across the world, Cavrnus combines the collaborative tools you’d find in traditional design meetings with the added capabilities and efficiencies of the virtual experience.


Make your training more streamlined, engaging and memorable without the expense of travel or disassembling your in-service products.


Harness the intuitive power of show-and-tell to present clear solutions to complex problems.


A new virtual experience which allows people and organizations anywhere in the world to transcend collaborative barriers and increase productivity.

True Cross Device Support

Enjoy true cross-platform support out-of-the-box with Cavrnus. The platform connects people on desktops (Windows, macOS), mobile and tablet devices (iOS, Android), VR (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Vive Focus), and head-mounted AR (Magic Leap).


The power of Cavrnus and Unreal Engine.

Demanding customers in markets such as Design and Engineering, Product Styling and Industrial Design, Consumer Goods, Architecture and Engineering, Content Creation and TV/Film Production will be able to collaborate with their teams using the most photorealistic and physically-correct visuals, enabling them to make better decisions, more quickly, in a context approaching reality.

Learn more about the future of high quality rendering in Cavrnus.

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